Coworking & Childcare (Hour/ Mini, Half Day or Day) // 11-15€/h
no monthly fee

I you want to book childcare with coworking you have two options:

a) FLEX:
You want to have flexibility and book single hours/ blocks/ days, with discount when you purchase more to use in 1 month
-> please see below and purchase what you need or talk to us

b) FIX:
You know which days and hours you need and will get a monthly plan with even bigger discount
-> Switch to the monthly plan or talk to us

Please note: The cost of flexible options is higher than for the fix option.

This plan includes a membership for you or your partner for the purchased hours/ days.
You can add your flexible tickets:
- Hour/ Mini 1-3h (15€/h)
- Half Day >4h (56€)
- Day (89€)

You need to block the time in the booking calender (here, email, phone) or check with us.

You can use 1x free desk.

Alle Preise zzgl. MwSt. - VAT not included.

Booking Passes
  • Coworking & Childcare Hourly
    Hours: 1
    Price: 15.00 EUR
  • Coworking & Childcare Half Day
    Hours: 4
    Price: 56.00 EUR
  • Coworking & Childcare Day
    Hours: 8:30
    Price: 99.00 EUR
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